1. It probably sucks. It probably sucks really really bad. Don’t let anyone belittle your problems by telling you that you are overreacting. You are allowed to be unsatisfied with things.

2. When your family doesn’t speak to you unless they are telling you what you did wrong, it is okay to be upset with them and want to be away from them. Go ahead and spend an entire weekend with your best friend forgetting about all your problems. When you go home, it’s like starting on a fresh page.

3. Other people’s negativity is going to bring you down. Even the most positive of us face this problem. Don’t hate them for it. Try to help them. If they are not open to making changes, respectfully ending toxic relationships is okay too.

4. Listening to music is therapeutic. Do it a lot.

5. People who respond to your complaints with, “you should be grateful that you at least ______,” are not the ones you should tell your problems to anymore.

6. You don’t have to feel silly for thinking, “no one understands me.” You probably have every reason to believe this. Find someone who does, even if it’s a musician you may never speak to personally.

7. It’s okay to take time for yourself. Skip your after school activities and take a walk alone with your thoughts. Go home and take a bubble bath until your skin is so wrinkly you feel like you can’t touch anything. Get in bed and make lists of things you live for.

8. You are in control. If you don’t like your outlook on the world, change it. If you don’t like the person you are, change that too. You can change everything. Train yourself to have a new handwriting, get a haircut, start eating healthier food, dress a different way, find a new circle of friends, explore a new hobby. As long as it is a healthy, natural change, it’s probably at least worth a shot.

9. The little things go a long way. Find something that makes you smile when you see it- fish, orchids, stars, the color purple- and make that thing mean more to you than anything else. Let seeing that thing make your entire day and show you how beautiful the world can be.

10. The world is beautiful. The fact that any form of life can exist on this planet is beautiful. The one in billions chance that you should exist at all is beautiful. You are beautiful. Someday you will be fully aware of this and everything that is happening right now will seem so small. Don’t give up before you have the chance to see that day.

10 things to remember when you hate your life // a.c. (via hapricity)


Everyone wants to find somebody who they can enjoy doing things with, but I would rather find someone that I can enjoy doing nothing with. If I can just sit around and talk with someone for long periods of time day after day without feeling the need to find something to do, then I must really be interested in them. 

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